Healthy Low-Carb Snacks!

Some great and easy snack ideas! I especially love the sunflower seeds in a half avocado and the tuna salad inside a tomato! Cuts down on carbs but is still delicious!


Can you actually sweat out a cold?

Whenever I get a cold I always convince myself that I’ll sweat it out through running! Turns out, this is not actually true but running does help boost your immune system in the long run and cut the likelihood of getting sick by 50%! Read the full article below using the link:)


I ran every day for over 200 days and here’s what I learned


An open letter to anyone considering a running streak:

It never gets easier, you just get stronger. That’s a cliche saying I saw on Pinterest one day but it honestly really does apply here. When I started my running streak my goal was 60 days and it seems so far in the distance that I thought I was never going to reach it. When I finally got to 60 consecutive days running, I went for 80….and then 100….then 125….and recently I made it to day 200. Currently I am at day 225, shooting for 250. I am not fast and that’s okay. I do not go super far and that’s okay too. The challenge is not actually running the miles, the challenge is getting out of bed every morning rain or shine and lacing up those dang running shoes at 6 am when the sun isn’t even up yet.

So to anyone out there thinking about following in my footsteps (no pun intended) here are some things I learned.

-It takes time. It really does. I did not start off with any running experience. I had done two 5k color runs in college with some friends and that was the entirety of my running career. I was not a runner by any means and when I started out on my running streak I was upset that I could only run .5 miles in 15 minutes. Give your body time. It took me two solid months of running every single day before I worked my way up to three miles. Your body will adapt, your calves will get stronger, but it takes time. A lot of it.

– Buy running socks. Be prepared for a ton of blisters and sore tootsies. Buy some good running shoes while you’re at it. They don’t need to be expensive, mine were 45 bucks from Pay-less. They do need to conform to your feet and specifically be made for running. I cannot tell you how many blisters, bruised heels and black and blue toe nails I’ve gotten during the past 6 months. I’m actually ashamed of getting a pedicure now because my feet look so rough. So invest in a couple pairs of running socks and some moleskin blister protection because eventually you will undoubtedly face the same pain I did.

– Set realistic goals for your body. My goal each day was not to run 5 miles every day of my life. My goal was to run enough that I broke a sweat. That’s it. Plain and simple. Some days I run 4 miles, some days I run a half mile. Don’t set yourself up for failure by making these grand goals that after a week you won’t be able to keep up. Remember, this is a running streak. Which means that you are going to be doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY, RAIN OR SHINE, SICK OR NOT SICK for however long you set for yourself. It’s better to set goals you know you will be able to hit consistently ( even when sick or on vacation).

-Post on social media. I know, I know, no one likes a gym rat who always posts workout selfies, but it really will help hold you accountable. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing a running streak until I hit 60 days, when I posted it on Facebook there was an outpouring of encouragement and support that I was not expecting. Now every few weeks I’ll post something about my runs on a social media site to hold myself accountable because I know people are watching and rooting for me to reach my goals.

-Don’t pig out after a run. You definitely want to fuel up before and recharge after your run but make sure you are eating the correct things and not undoing all your hard work. I run in the morning as soon as I wake up. I’m usually not hungry when I go out for my run so I drink two glasses of water and start running. If you cannot run on an empty stomach, many articles suggest eating a grapefruit or some nuts before you head out. Once you get back, bananas are great for relieving muscle soreness and filling you up. Remember that just because you ran, it doesn’t give you a free pass to eat whatever you want. I am about 140 pounds and a 3 mile run burns about 300-350 calories for me depending on hills and how fast I want to push myself. That’s only 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter! Once you realize how hard it is to burn 300 calories, it makes you more conscious and what you put in your body. I’m not a certified nutritionist so I’m not going to tell you what carbs or macro-nutrients to eat before a run and all that. I just want you to be aware that it takes a long time and hard work to burn off those 300 calories and only a few bites to put it back on. Eat lean meats and lots of fruits and veggies! Make those 300 calories count!

-It’s a journey. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a long 7 months. Some days are better than others. It takes time. A lot of it. I was running for about 40 days straight before I started to notice any kind of change. Be kind to yourself. Your body is an incredible machine and your willpower to run every day is inspiring to others.

I hope this open letter help and motivates you to get up each morning and run!

Burn The Turkey Sides Workout — Anytime Fitness Blog

In all honesty I packed my stretchy yoga pants to go home to Florida for Thanksgiving because I know I’m going to indulge and eat all the turkey, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole I possibly can. Making the lifestyle switch to healthy foods is not a diet, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating some cheesecake with your family over the Holidays butttt you should portion control and try to choose foods that have low fat content. The article below has some great at home workouts you can do THE DAY AFTER Thanksgiving to help you get back on track;) 

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How to tackle hills!

 I started running outside about 4 months ago and whoa lemme tell ya! Those Georgia hills are no joke! This article has some great tips for conquering  those hills during your daily runs!  Please reach out to me with any questions you may have about running or personal fitness! I want to help you live the healthiest life you can!

My running club has a name for the biggest hill on our training route: Big Daddy. Big Daddy is long and steep and fell near the end of the 10K route we were training for. The year before, I had simply chosen to walk Big Daddy, but giving up on the hill had weighed on…

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